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Saturday, October 6, 2012

teeter totters, pumpkins, and model homes

My parents are in town! If  you've been reading my blog for even a day, you'd know I'm really close with my family. This week my parents are in town to watch this.  And of course to spend time with me, I mean all of these girls. . .
Neeley was sad that she didn't get the,'wear heels' memo

Friday I picked them up from Salt Lake and brought them to a model home to show them how beautiful UT is and their homes. They loved the 25,000 reasons why they should move to UT list I recited to them on the way. . .
seriously, who wouldn't want that kitchen?
After we headed to Neeley's house and met up with the rest of the clan and made our way to the pumpkin patch.  Last year J slept the whole time. This year, he LOVED it! Josh stayed behind this year, I think it had something to do with football. . .
Lots of pictures, the truth is we got there a half hour before they opened so we had time, lots of it.
Niece Bayley and sleeping J

Grandpa and still sleepy J

He woke up and wanted to play in the dirt

Walkin boy
We finally made it inside where there's a whole courtyard/field of fun activities.
pumpkin bounce house. He couldn't go in with the older kids

they moved on, so it was J's turn, he wouldn't get out!

walking with Grandpa

teeter totter with mom

we went down a giant grain shoot, I had fun. . .

There was a corn maze after this, but we walked ran through it because J really just wanted to sit and play with the corn on the path. No time for pics.
The hayride was next on the agenda.

he found his pumpkin

on our way back

Of course we came home to do our nails, eat pizza, and Halloween donuts, yum.

matching pajamas with cousin Ty

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  1. I'm jealous that Jackson will sleep like that! Lacey refuses to sleep unless in her crib or car seat. Looks like such a fun and perfect way to spend a fall day.