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Monday, October 29, 2012

Girls night and biting off more than I can chew

Winter is here or maybe it's just giving us in UT a sneak peak? Snow, ice, and cold mornings have been going on in these parts and even though I professed my hate for snow only a few days ago, it's actually inspired me in a couple of ways.
Josh and I have been talking about doing some upgrades in our home for awhile now. Finally we felt like it was the right time and so we've been carpet hunting, paint shopping, and banister/railing exploring. I'm so excited to see the finish product. It's happening a lot sooner than we expected(very good thing) but it's left us trying to paint before Monday*edited to add: we finished painting, but still have one wall to touch up*. Luckily, it started snowing and it's inspired me to stay inside and get as much done while J takes his naps or when he goes down to bed. I hope we're not biting off more than we can chew. Cross your fingers that all will go according to plan!*more edits because I forgot to publish this, our carpet is back ordered till next week! Now our stairs and hallways have exposed nails, blah!  Only a few pics for now, I'll post the finished work next week.(or the next...)

Moving on, lately I get up and crave to run on the treadmill because it warms me up. I turn the heat on, run, and J plays and we get all toasty. During the other seasons I always hate running on the treadmill because I think about how I could/should be outside running in the beautiful weather. I have no such feelings when it's snowing and freezing outside. I hope I find some new ways that snow can be a positive force in my life because if this is no sneak peak, then I'm in for a long winter.

And on a totally random note, but definitely worth noting, Wednesday night the girls all got together. We met at Liz's new apartment and caught up on each others' lives. I was sad because I could only stay for a bit, but I love getting together with these crazy ladies.

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  1. It was so fun catching up with yall! I'm excited to see your house all updated and stuff.