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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Jackson was a very sour pumpkin last night. He wanted nothing to do with walking around the neighborhood, which normally he would be over joyed to do. He was distracted by my in-laws horses and only wanted to go and nay at them. Fortunately, after  2 of 4 houses he realized he was getting candy and became a bit more excited about it.
power stance

My MIL made homemade Cafe Rio, it was bomb, enjoyed dessert, and like most of our nights, we were entertained by these two.

Now that it's a new month, I wanted to reflect on some of my monthly favorites:

Favorite run:
Easy, the Haunted Half I ran with friends. I'm really proud of this race because I really felt like I was strong enough for the hills. I never felt defeated and kept on running.

Favorite food:
Definitely the apple crisp cheese cake bars I made. I rarely step out of my baking box and make something other than chocolate chip cookies. They were a success!

Favorite fall event:
 Going to the Cornfield/pumpkin patch with my parents and sisters. I really enjoyed having my mom stay with me and see family every.single. day.

I'm ready to embrace November. Here are my goals:

Run 100 miles-*Pile on the Miles*(Nov. 1-Dec.1), if you want to join and walk/run more miles than pounds during the holiday season, do it! Tell me in the comments your mile goals=)

Spend more one-on-one play time with J

Listen more than talk

Enjoy every bit of San Fran with Josh and J, even if J doesn't sleep well. . .

Questions for you:
What are your goals for this month??
Any Favorite from October?


  1. Replies
    1. wahooo, love that you're doing it with me Bree!

  2. Cutest pumpkin! and good job girl! you look so awesome!

    1. Thanks Karina you're so sweet. You look amazing too!