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Friday, October 19, 2012

A loss

Today my cousin Maddie and her husband Josh have to lay their sweet baby boy McCartney to rest. Monday, Maddie found out only a couple days before her little boy was to be born that he had passed away. I can only imagine the pain, hurt, frustration, and sorrow that they must be feeling. All week I have cried for them. Maddie and I have always been close. The whole Dickson side is. . . Throughout the week I kept feeling guilty that I was able to have Jackson. I kept praying that Maddie and Josh and the whole family would be comforted and know that Heavenly Father loves them. That's when I realized I need to stop feeling guilty and feel grateful. 
I'm so grateful that Maddie knows that she will see her baby again. That through the Plan of Salvation her family can be together forever. I'm grateful that she's in WA and has so much family around her to support her and Josh. I'm so grateful for Josh for being such a great husband to Maddie during this tragedy. I hate that I can't be there for my cousin, but I'm so grateful that  the Holy Ghost can be there for her and so can the Dickson and the Albright side.
I love you Maddie and Josh. I'm thinking of you guys and you're in my prayers. I mourn for your loss and our loss as a family.


  1. Do you remember Sister Pine? She was the Mia Maid adviser when I was the counselor over Mia Maids. She had her little boy a few weeks after I had Adam. I don't know if you remember but when her little baby was just a few weeks old he died of SIDS. I felt those same feelings of guilt all the time because my little Adam was still with me. I didn't know what to say to her. It was so hard. And then I realized that I should be grateful that I still had my baby. I can relate completely. My heart breaks for your cousin, but you are right; they will be together again. And what a comfort that would be!

  2. Praying for them too! Love you shar