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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

wedding season

Wedding season is kicking off for Josh and the rest of his DJ's. This weekend I decided to go with him to Eden. I had no idea that Eden was so beautiful.

My sister Leah was a saint and babysat Jackson, he LOVES all the attention Ike and Ty give him.

We stopped at Valley Market (who knew Eden didn't have any restaurants?) for dinner. It was actually pretty good.
Fresh ham, sliced apple, tomatoes, lettuce, cheese, and mustard

 Aannnd I was able to satisfy a craving, no I'm not pregnant, just a weird craving. Josh was disgusted.

Josh aka the hulk

We were entertained by these cute girls. They danced the whole time=)


  1. soo pretty! is that dance floor part of the DJ stuff now?

    1. No, the bride and groom had rented it. But maybe we should . . .