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Friday, May 18, 2012


Nine months this little guy has blessed our lives. Nine months and Jackson has already stolen our hearts and can get dad, who's more than willing, to party at 4am with this lil guy.

He has eyebrows that make you giggle and a 'bitter beer' face that will make you laugh out loud(I tried to capture it, I'll post it when I do). He makes lots of noises and will even say "dad dad dad" I've tried with no prevail to convince him to say "ma ma ma."
We're realizing quickly that we need a couple more gates and baby proofing items since J has become more mobile. He rolls, scoots, and crawls depending on what will get him where he wants to go faster.
J scooting to get into the garbage

He still claps and will sometimes sign 'more' but doesn't quite get it yet.

9 month stats

Height-28.3 in 44%
Weight- 21.1 pounds 55%
Head circumference- 18 in 70% (large head = big brain= genius right? riiighhhtttt)

I'm so grateful for Jackson. He's helps me be more patient which is something I really need to work on. I feel blessed to be a mom to such a spunky boy.

I thought I'd try out the baby pack again. . .um we both couldn't stop laughing, he's a bit big!

I love watching Josh with him and see their relationship grow. He truly is Josh's lil buddy.
 I wonder why. . .


  1. haha aww he is getting so big and still the cutest ever! The picture of you and Jackson in his baby pack made me laugh really hard. It's so cute! He is the cutest chunker I know!

  2. That video is so cute, the little baby grunts crack me up.

  3. So, so, so cute! I love the bathtub pic. He is such a chubby chubster BOY. :)