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Monday, May 21, 2012

I almost got a ticket

3 more weeks until race day. I set my alarm for 6am Saturday morning because I had a run date with this girl.

We planned to meet at Provo Canyon by 7am so we could get our 11 miler in and still have the rest of our day.  I'm glad I gave myself a lot of extra time to get down to Provo. I hate rushing around and feeling like I need to speed so I'm not late. I fed lil' J and gave Josh a kiss and I was out the door by 6:30am, plenty of time to meet Whit.

If you haven't been on I-15 near Provo in awhile, you're NOT missing out. My goodness, the construction is out of control! As I was getting off the exit I thought that the exit had two lanes to exit on. Nope, surprise, there were cones and a cop car and I slammed on my brakes in time for the guy next to me to let me in with no harm done. But I saw the cop pull out and start following me, great. Luckily he just gave me a warning and wanted to inform me that most of the exits during construction only have 1 lane. He even told me good luck on my run. Thanks Officer Scott Pugmire!

We ran from Nunns Park to the Provo Tabernacle. What a beautiful building, I'm so excited for it to open as a temple.

Thanks again Whit for another great run!

Post pregnancy has done crazy things to my hair, please forgive. .

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