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Monday, August 8, 2011

The baby story

Hmm I'm not quite sure how to start this, so I guess I'd better start from the beginning.  (sorry it's so long, but this is also for my own log).
My mom got a one way ticket to UT from Seattle about 2 weeks ago when I was 37 weeks pregnant.  At all my Dr. apt's my Dr. has been saying that I'll probably have this baby early because I started dilating so early.  So, as soon as I could be off bed rest, my mom flew in for mommy boot camp.
The first night she was here we went on a really long walk.  The next day we went on 3 long walks. . . we really wanted baby to come so my mom could be here for it.  That night my body started changing and I had a few signs that labor was close. I got all excited and the following days we continued sleeping, eating, and lots of walking!
Monday night I thought my water was leaking, so we went to labor and delivery with all our bags packed hoping I was dilated or that in fact my water was leaking so I could be admitted.  Unfortunately, neither was true (embarrassing I know).
Tuesday I had my 38 week check up and my Dr. decided to strip my membranes (hurts pretty bad).  That night Josh had a wedding to DJ so my mom and I went on a really long walk, it was beautiful outside and wasn't too hot.  Then we had to end the walk with some delicious frozen yogurt.  Earlier that day, my sisters had come over and completely pampered me, a foot massage and all.  So, it really was a perfect day.
That night around 2 am I started having really bad contractions (I've been contracting for the last 3 months, but the pain was nothing like the ones I had previously felt). I timed them for an hour and they were 7 minutes apart.  I felt stupid for going into labor and delivery the night before, so I decided to take a warm bath and see if they'd calm down.  They didn't.  So I tried to sleep for another 1/2 hour, and they only seemed to get worse.  So, around 4 am I woke Josh and my mom up and told them they needed to get ready and that I needed to leave in about a half hour or I was going to cry.
On our way to the hospital the contractions got much worse with every bump, but I was controlling the pain pretty well with some good breathing.  I checked in, and they checked me.  I was 4cm dilated and 90% effaced.  They admitted me, and about an hour later I got an epidural.  I was at a 5 now, and they wanted to break my water in 45 minutes.  The Dr. came into break my water, after I was a 7.  About 30 minutes later I was at a 9 and getting ready to push.  My Dr. wasn't there yet, so the nurse, my mom, and Josh helped me push until the baby's head was crowned.  She made me stop pushing to wait for my Dr.
As soon as my Dr. showed up I pushed for 15 minutes more, and baby Jackson had arrived at 9:48am, 6lbs 14oz, 21 1/2 inches and beautiful.
It was such an amazing experience.  I really couldn't have hoped for a better delivery.  An epidural is amazing and I highly recommend it.  It made the whole process so much more calm. Josh was a champ throughout the whole experience and even cut the cord! I couldn't have done it without my mom either, I love that she's always there for me.
3 days before delivery

skin-to-skin right after birth

daddy and Jackson
We're all doing very well, and we're happy and healthy=D


  1. Congratulations!! Can't wait to see more pictures of that sweet baby boy!

  2. Congrats!!! He looks like a cutie- if only you had some more pictures ;) I didnt have time for an epidural (2 hours from first pain to baby arriving) and know a few people recently that had some really bad problems with their epidurals (baby's life even was in danger with one, a few others prolonged their labor by HOURS) so i am not sure if i want one for our next baby, but hearing your good story makes me consider it now lol. I can't wait to meet the little guy, and you can meet Sawyer :)

  3. yay! so happy our boys are finally here!

  4. I'm so happy for you and the Scott family. I'm crying and smiling. Recently had the chance to be mommy and then a stepmom and I'm glad I can be just me today. No worries just be the most loving person to him and I know you are, have, and always will be. I'm proud of you and simply envy your happiness. Take care dear.

  5. I love hearing birth stories! He is adorable, lucky baby to have a Mom like you!