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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Hymns and Bottles

This past weekend Josh and I decided to take Baby J with us to church.  He'll be 4 weeks tomorrow, so we figured he's big enough to survive the first hour of church. 
As we pulled up to our building, he starting screaming like someone had pinched his chubby legs. I started to panic a bit, but he soon stopped and we made it on time to our 1pm church. I never thought it was possible to be late to 1pm church, but on regular days I'm lucky to have my shower by then.
Lately Baby J has been going through a growth spurt and wanting to eat what feels like every half hour.  I pumped a bottle for church just in case, but he was a champ and slept the whole time.
When we'd sing hymns he'd coo like he was singing a long, so cute!
This is his outfit. He didn't wear pants because he doesn't fit any of them yet and frankly, why wear pants when you've got cute chubby legs to show off?


  1. Oh my! He is so adorable in his church shirt!

  2. Aw sweet boy!! Someday he'll giggle when you tell him he didn't wear pants to church once, lol! 4 weeks old already, wow.