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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Perfect scenario

 I've been thinking, being Grandparents is the best gig.  You get to hold and kiss and spoil the cute babies till your heart's content.  Then, when they need a diaper change, start fussing, or just spit up and blew out their diaper at the same time, you can kindly hand them back to their parents. 
Jackson's grandparents LOVE him so much.  Grandpa Scott holds him all through Sunday dinners while Josh and I eat.  I'll sneak a peak at him, and he's always staring at him, smiling, and will talk to him too.  So cute! My SIL loves to hold him too, he's a lucky baby.
Grandma Lee Lee and G-pa Scott holding Calvin & Jackson

Grandma Lee Lee held both grandsons like this for about an hour, she was in heaven

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