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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Grateful for Sisters

I have 3 awesome sisters.  We've always been really close, and we always have a good time together laughing about 'that time Bree jumped on the coffee table making mom scream, "Good night nurse!" what? What I love the most is they are always there to help me.  Two of them are older and always know how to help me through things.  My younger sister helps me too and can ALWAYS make me laugh, especially when I'm down.
Bree, Me, Neeley, Leah

I'm also fortunate enough to have 4 sister in-laws.  I love them all.  They all mean so much to me.  I'm the type of girl that needs 'girl time', and these awesome ladies always help me to achieve that.  Even if it's achieved via text, skype, or blog;D
My SIL Sarah on the far left. We always have a good time hanging out and catching up.

Old picture, but my SIL Jessica use to live with us, and I always love our talks

My SIL Alisha is always willing to be crazy with me ;D

SIL Whitney. We were pregnant together and we have a lot of fun with our cute boys!

I'm so grateful for all the women in my life.  The bonds I have with all my sisters is priceless.  Thanks for making my life easier girls. You are all the best!

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