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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

20 or 22 weeks??

Josh and I went to our 20 week apt yesterday and got a lot of cute pictures of Jackson! It was so fun to see our little guy squirming around. The nurse said I have a very active baby, it was hard to get any pictures that she needed. We couldn't get too many profile pictures because he wouldn't stop sucking his thumb or covering his face with both of his hands(he must hate pictures like his dad)

After she was done taking all his measurements, she said that he is proportional all around, but seems to be the size of a 22 week fetus, wow that means I could have the baby early, or I'm gonna have one big boy on my hands!!! Whatever, as long as he is healthy=D


  1. Cute!!! Having babies early (as long as they are "cooked" enough lol) is awesome. You dont have to deal with the most uncomfortable stage for very long, and you get to meet them sooner!

  2. I love the little pictures of your little guy!! You make me want to be prego again!! I hope everything is going well. I loved the picts of your new house. It is so cute!!!