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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Home Owners!!

Can I just say how much I LOVE my new house?!! Josh and I worked really hard last weekend getting our house ready for us to move in. The minute we got the keys we started painting the entertainment room and our room. The rest of the house we liked. This past weekend we moved all of our stuff in (and when I say we, I mean Josh. . . ) I can't lift due to pregnancy, but luckily we have great family that helped Josh a lot. I can't seem to find where I packed my camera charger, so no pictures for now, but soon I promise!
It was a crazy couple of weekends, but I'm glad it's done. One story that was too funny/scary not to share is when we were trying to bring our mattress from Provo to Draper. We had just bought it in Provo and had a flat bed trailer.  We forgot tie downs but figured we were okay considering it's a 200lb King size mattress...boy were we wrong! We were driving up past Thanksgiving Point when the wind was out of control! Josh saw it first as the mattress was blown out of the trailer onto the Freeway!! It flew to the right then to the left, traffic was stopped, and finally some guy got out and pushed it to the side. We were a good half a mile away, so me and my sister in law sprinted down there so it didn't blow down the huge ravine. We got to sit there on the mattress, on the side of the freeway while Josh got off at the next exit, then back on going South, then back on going North! It was a long day, but the mattress is fine and we now know it's VERY durable!

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  1. I was thinking of a good house warming present... oh wait, how about a SFHS t-shirt!