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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WA Christmas

This year Josh came to WA with me and spent Christmas at my house.  This year was different than any other because we ALL stayed in 1 house! There was 24 people in my 3 story, 6 bedroom, 3.5 bathroom house.  I don't think it'll happen again, but it was really fun and different.  We all got to be together for about a week.  There was 4 one year olds and about 10 other kids under the age of 12! Needless to say, it was loud, crazy, and a lot of fun!
We had to get creative to entertain all the kids and to get out of the house.  One day we had a dance off where the kids had to dance for money to buy popcorn for the movie haha We had Santa come and visit, and the day Josh and I got there we all went to breakfast at the Buttered Biscuit. Then we all headed to the stake center and played dodge ball with each other! It was so much fun! Then we had blanket races. . . at this point you may be saying my family is crazy.  You would be right! But we have so much fun together and are pretty easily entertained.
If I remember to upload the video, Christmas day, someone got every single member a Nerf gun and we had a HUGE Nerf fight. It got pretty crazy!


  1. Thanks so much for posting the "races" thought maybe you wouldn't. I am gonna link to them:)

  2. Finally some posts! haha just kidding Sharsti! It looks like yall had so much fun in WA! Love you!

  3. i didn't know you had a blog! sooo cute!!!!

  4. Hey..nothing says Christmas like a party at the stake center!! Shannie is totally in my ward...So crazy!!