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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Christmas Time

Sorry for the post overloads! I'm just trying to catch up haha.
 For Christmas we got a fake tree, I'm not a fan of fake trees, but we were going to WA and didn't want the tree to die while we were gone.  We decorated our first tree together and I lack at picture taking so I didn't take picture of my beautiful willow tree nativity set my mother in law got me.  That's about all the Christmas decorations we have now, but we'll accumulate more throughout the years.
My mother in law and I went to a Christmas tree giving tree event in Salt Lake.  It was amazing! People all over the state make crazy trees and then people buy them and support cancer research.  I loved seeing all the different kinds of trees and spending time with Lee Ann. Someday my Christmas tree will look like one of them.  For now, bulbs will do!

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  1. I still have that picture of you with that funny pink feathery tree and your ugly sweater from when we visited you in your apartment LOL