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Sunday, June 10, 2012


I remember one of the first things I asked when Jackson was born was if he had all ten fingers and toes, yup all there. As a mother or father, your only concern is a healthy baby. While pregnant I had a few scares with Jackson. I was contracting at around 28 weeks and had to start taking pills that would stop the contractions and I was put on bed rest. He was born a happy and healthy boy at 38 weeks and he's now 10 months old.

This picture cracks me up, they both have such funny personalities
I know I say this every month, but truly, this is the BEST stage. He interacts so much with us and makes us laugh out loud everyday. He's my little cracker Jack. He never stops moving and explores anything and everything. He some how finds and will destroy, if you're not fast enough, important documents, TV controllers, shoes, phones, outlets, wires, and trash.
At 10 months Jackson
 'rolls it' from his favorite song, "Patty Cake"
finally got 2 bottom teeth
stands himself up using furniture

graduated to crawling from scooting
Says 'bye' and 'hi' while waving his arm
Had his first swimming lesson and survived the freezing temperatures(it was so windy!)
Lots of fun times at water parks
LOTS of sunscreen

We love you Jackson

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  1. SO cute!!! Paisley got her her first bottom teeth @ 10 months too. I love this stage too...still chunkies(: