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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Conference Weekend

This past weekend Josh and I went out to dinner with my work to Texas Roadhouse! It was so delicious..and free! We had a lot of fun. From there, we headed up to his parents house in Sandy and stayed the night. We always have a good time there, his mom got us an early Halloween treat pumpkin can so I could use it to decorate our house. She always has treats for us when we come up, so it's fun to stay up late and eat them.
My dad got us Saturday morning tickets to conference so we headed to Salt Lake and spent the rest of Saturday with my family. While at conference we ran into my Aunt Joanne and her friend from Africa. She has a new book out from Deseret, she escaped Rwanda and watched her family be killed. She found the church there as well when she received a humanitarian bag from the LDS church. It saved her life and she has an amazing story to share.
The rest of the weekend was a lot of fun. I love being able to hang out with my sisters and their families.
I'm excited for the Ensign to come out so I can read the talks over, I may or may not have slept through some of's hard when you're all comfortable at home!

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